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Yusuf Youth Initiative (YYI) is a youth led organisation. YYI aims to empower young people from minority ethnic communities to engage in mainstream activity and become more effective contributors to the city. YYI activities include a leadership programme for young people, anti-poverty outreach work and support around employment and volunteering. We work closely in partnership with mainstream agencies.


As the Community Gardener, your duties will be to assist minority/vulnerable adults in deliver the gardening programme within YYI. The role will require you to engage with partner organisations, mainstream agencies and individuals.

All participants will enrol into a series of weekly training workshops at the YYI Community Garden. The training will provide participants with the necessary knowledge and skills around fruit/vegetable growth, and reducing carbon emissions and its wider implication around global warming. As the Community Gardener, you will also be responsible for the developing and ongoing maintenance of the YYI community garden space.


• To ensure that identified garden areas are cared for, managed and developed in order that they can be used to support YYI outcome delivery and enrichment.

• To develop and maintain garden areas and beds, whilst sometimes working alone and sometimes working with individuals/groups.

• To ensure that all health and safety issues related to the identified garden areas are addressed, to enable groups and staff to use the areas safely.

• To be responsible for purchasing required materials, plants and equipment to enable the gardens to be cared for, managed and developed effectively.

• To have knowledge and understanding of the way in which to care for, manage and develop identified garden areas, including soil cultivation, digging, forking, mulching, watering, raking, weeding, edging, pruning, seed sowing, bed preparation and planting.

• To have knowledge and ability in the use and maintenance of hand tools.

• To offer support to community groups and YYI Project Managers when they access the identified garden areas by working with the individuals and sharing skills, knowledge and expertise related to the role of the gardener.

• To work collaboratively with colleagues as part of a professional team; working at all times within YYI’s policies and procedures.

• To assist in the general efficient operation of YYI in areas related to the role of the gardener.

• To maintain confidentiality at all times in respect of YYI-related matters and to prevent disclosure of confidential or sensitive information.

• To undertake tasks of a similar nature and level, as directed by the Project Manager.

• To participate in training courses in the use of new equipment as required.


• Experience of gardening activities including health and safety issues
• Be competent in gardening and growing plants
• Candidates should also be able to demonstrate a genuine interest and understanding of gardening/growing plants


• Hold an Accredited Horticulture Certificate
• Hold a First Aid qualification


Experience of working with groups of adults in a learning environment is desirable.


Reports to: Project Manager
Salary level: £9 per hour (sessional contract)
Hours of work: Approximately 15 hours per week (variable) – 4 months contract
Place of work: YYI Community Garden, Blackness Road, Dundee
Notice of Termination: The appointment may be terminated by either side with 1 months’ notice.
Disability: The Yusuf Youth Initiative is wheelchair accessible. Equal opportunity for all.

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