Customer Experience Apprentice-BT

Job overview
This position is an Advanced Apprenticeship. Customer Experience is the heartbeat of our business and if you join us, you will be too, as the voice of BT. Customers are at the core of everything we do and delivering outstanding customer service is our number one priority, so you will love delighting them whilst gaining an industry recognised apprenticeship.

What might a typical day in this job look like?
We offer a huge variety of roles within Customer Experience which include Customer Service specific positions. These would involve you working in our contact centres where you can expect to be undertaking essential tasks such as answering the calls from customers using BT's Emergency Services (999 and 112).

What will I learn?
You could be helping customers with technical and connection issues or speaking with our existing customers to help with the essential business of keeping their business! Our sales team provide products and services to our new customers and process orders. Or you could be dealing with customer billing enquiries where you’ll join either our service assurance; collections and enquiries or billing operations team, where each month, we’re responsible for the production of all BT's bills.

What qualification or qualities are required?
If you’re ambitious, energetic, enthusiastic and want to be part of a growing business then our roles are for you!

For this advanced programme you will work towards an ICT level 3 qualification. You will need to have achieved or are predicted to achieve four National 5 qualifications including English and Maths.

For more info and a direct link to apply, please leave your details below. If you think you need help with building/ Adapting your CV or cover letter please visit the support section of the app

Good Luck!

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