Library & Information Services Volunteering-Leisure and Culture Dundee

Library and Information Services provide access to high quality resources for reading and learning in a relaxed, informal andsupportive environment, through a network of 14 libraries across the City.

Opportunities for volunteers lie in the following areas:


Encouraging members of the public in the use of PCs and the Internet by providing assistance or training on a one-to-one basis, or in small groups.

Children’s Work

Assist in the delivery of story times and activities for children and families.

Participate in the annual Summer Reading Challenge.

Help and supervise with the safe set-up and running of various war-games and board games for Games Clubs held in libraries.

Local History

Assist in the development and promotion of local history activities.

Group Work

Assist in the delivery of services to library users with additional support needs.


Provide information, emotional support and service referrals for people affected by cancer.


Help at library events.

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