Basic IT Support Assistant-Lead Scotland


You will support an individual with a disability by building confidence and sharing ideas. You will support the person to improve their basic IT skills by talking through challenges and sharing knowledge and skills.
Opportunity details

Do you have a willingness to support an individual to learn in a flexible way that is tailored to their needs? Do you have basic knowledge of how to use a computer and/or tablet that you could share with someone in a comfortable and supportive environment? If this describes you, then Lead Scotland would like to hear from you! We are keen to hear from individuals who feel confident to share and pass on some basic computer skills. You are not required to be a computer genius – just someone who is fairly confident to use a computer or tablet for sociable and practical activities. Some practical skills you could offer may include: Demonstrating how to turn on/off a computer; How to use basic functions such as Microsoft Word; How to surf the net to perform simple tasks – such as using social networking sites (Facebook/Twitter/Skype), playing online games, doing online shopping or browsing websites. Lead Scotland are keen to support volunteers to volunteer in roles of their choice.
Organisation aims and objectives

Develop learning opportunities for disabled adults, support life long learning. Train and support volunteers in the delivery of LEAD services


Experience required:
Good communication and listening skills, an open and supportive manner, non-judgemental and non-discriminatory, ability to maintain confidentiality, a positive attitude to disability, reliable and punctual, and a commitment to equal opportunities.
Restriction details:
All of our volunteers go through the Protection of Vulnerable Groups (PVG) which requires a minimum age of 18 years.
Travel details:
Volunteering can take place in a variety of settings to suit both the learner and volunteer - the learner's home, colleges and other education environments, libraries and local community centres.
Minimum age:

Travel expenses:
Out of pocket expenses are paid on a monthly basis. A car mileage allowance is paid at 40p per mile and any other expenses (e.g. bus/train fayres) are paid through display of receipts.
Expenses paid:
Support options:
Named Contact For Volunteer Wheelchair Access, Disabled Access Toilet

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