Request Collector Position Profile-BRIDGEfm

Request Collector Position Profile
The role of the Request Collector is essential to the effective running
of BRIDGEfm. The Request Collectors are effectively the “front line”
of the service and are responsible for ensuring the correct portrayal
of the station image amongst our listeners and helping to promote
the station to both staff and patients. They will also ensure that the
patients get the best possible service from BRIDGEfm.
The main responsibilities of the role are as follows:
• To be an active member of a dedicated team of collectors
empowered with the task of making sure that every patient in
hospital is given the opportunity of have a request played on
BRIDGEfm during any part of our programming schedule.
• The collector must be able to approach all patients who will have
varying degrees of illness/disability and conduct themselves
in a professional manor to accomplish the aims of BRIDGEfm.
• The collector must be able to offer the patient a request and have
a degree of general music knowledge and a working knowledge
of BRIDGEfm and how it operates to give as much assistance
as possible to ensure customer satisfaction.
• A high level of interpersonal skills is required to be able to
communicate and relate to a widespread cross-section of ages
and cultures.
• The Request Collector should be aware of the quality of the
radio equipment in each ward and the strength of signal being
received and report any faults to the nursing staff and the
BRIDGEfm committee.
Additional Information
The Request Collector should consider themselves to be a visitor
to each patient and, in some instances, the patient’s only visitor.
They should therefore be able and willing to spend time with each
patient to help their time in hospital pass as easily and pleasantly
as possible, in line with the overall aims of the station

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