Stage 1 Teacher-FLA

Stage 1 Teacher required
Future Leaders Academy is a supplementary school based in Dundee that provides wholesome Islamic education for children aged 4-16 years. We provide an enriching learning environment through modern teaching methods and inspirational and motivational teachers. We do this by providing classes that teach holistic subjects that include Quran, Arabic, Islamic Studies and practice of our Deen through Life Skills. We teach children not to just learn by heart and mimic, but also to think and reflect on what they are learning, thus providing them with essential leadership skills for a successful life in the future.
We are looking for a highly motivated Stage 1 teacher to inspire and be part of a great team. This is an excellent chance to join our friendly, vibrant and dynamic FLA family.

• Teaching 8h a week (Mo-Fr 4-6pm): Arabic, Quran, Islamic Studies to our youngest stage (mostly P1 age)
• Preparing for lessons
• Taking part in events and in service days
• Creating a positive and creative learning environment
• Developing strategies to guide positive children's behaviour
• Building good, open communication with children, families and staff
• Observing and recording children's growth, development and behaviour
• Ensuring the learning environment is clean, hygienic and safe
Strongpoints of an applicant:
• Good level of Tajweed
• Memorisation of the last part of the Quran
• Knowledge in Arabic (preferably a native speaker)
• Fluency in English
• Experience in teaching little children

If you are passionate about passing the knowledge to the new generation in the most inspirational and creative way possible,this position may be for you.

P.S: If you think you are not the best qualified to be Stage 1 teacher but are interested in working with us, send us your CV anyway – we are often looking for new staff for various positions.

Application Close Date:1/8/2018

For more info and a direct link to apply, please leave your details below. If you think you need help with building/ Adapting your CV or cover letter please visit the support section of the app

Good Luck!

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